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About Integra IR

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is based on a simple, but difficult to execute principle: Information + Perspective + Consistency = An Engaged Investor. Integra Investor Relations was founded with the purpose of redefining investor relations through new and innovative strategies that will provide effective solutions to modern challenges and provides a real value proposition to our clients.

Over the past decade the financial industry has undergone dramatic change, which has led to a new set of challenges that companies must overcome. Our goal is to help companies navigate this new landscape through the development of an updated toolbox and portfolio of modern strategies that expands well beyond the limited scope of antiquated third-party investor relation models.  Our principals are built on engaging the investor through content and access that they have not had before, while still providing an unparalleled level of service covering the basic infrastructure and deliverables of old the IR model. We excel at the conventional, but solve modern problems the new.

Why Integra?


We bring unrivaled expertise and perspective with significant Wall Street experience.


We bring new and impactful strategies and value proposition compared to old models.


We combine our experience with proactive approach and innovating content to reach the investment community and media.

Wall Streets New Reality

Integra was founded in 2017 after identifying a fundamental shift in the financial industry leading to:

  • Less Wall Street sponsorship of small and micro cap stocks resulting in a major information gap between companies and investors.
  • A shrinking knowledge base among investors as traditional research resources are constrained and investment bank business models shift.
  • Declining company visibility among investors and the media as the body of knowledge shrinks and the information flow dries up.
  • Less fundamental research from the sell-side requires investors to do more independent research with a lower level of expertise.
  • The small cap investor base has shifted to more family offices, investment advisors and individual investors leading to a much more diverse set of shareholders.

Today's IR Challenges

  • Traditional investor relations strategies are limited in scope and lack scalability to reach a broad audience in a digital marketplace.
  • Conventional IR practices have a restricted and outdated toolbox from which to work and face significant challenges in gaining mindshare among investors and media outlets.
  • Today’s “shareholder base” can be challenging and requires new strategies and products to keep them engaged and educated.
  • Traditional equity research often does not tell the whole story, is infrequently updated, has a narrow distribution network and is frequently only available in conjunction with capital markets activity.

The Integra Solution

Information + Perspective + Consistency = An Engaged Investor

  • We bridge the information gap with high-quality, credible investor content, designed to help all constituents understand your company’s industry, fundamentals, strategy and investment merits.
  • We provide a consistent flow of relevant industry and company content for investors unavailable through internal IR or conventional equity research alone.
  • The Integra Solution is proactive and strategic in nature to maximize effectiveness.
  • Our Investor Intelligence toolbox is highly complimentary to IR, PR and marketing campaigns and seamlessly integrates with all of your communication efforts.
  • The resources allocated by Wall Street to smaller companies have become increasingly strained as their conventional economic model has shifted. This has made it even more challenging for companies and investors to exchange information and look for new ideas. It has impacted not only the individual investor, but even the professional investor and research analysts. When industry shifts happen, it creates opportunities for new models and strategies to emerge. EnergyTech Investor and the AlphaDirect strategy is a critical new piece to the investing puzzle to help ensure that information flow between market constituents are consistent, of a high quality and have value-added perspective.
    Shawn SeversonShawn SeversonFounder & CEO

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